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Re-enacting the ancient shamanic path in a visual form is my ultimate reward as a multimedia artist, to spread to communicate, to re-awaken the lost within us
We are all natives to this earth, we share different traditions yet we are part of the same microcosm
Chureito Pagoda by Night! I use this image as one of my favorites for my Studio computers!
Mictlan creative director and founder used to live in the Yucatan about 15 minutes from Chichen Itza, this photo is very important to our founder
Did you know our creative founder is one of the leading pioneers in Cyberpunk Style photography popularizing the genre back in early 2016?
Path into the unknown by @future_vizion Mictlan's founder and creative director    For more info on this photo:
Kumano Kodo is one of Japans most sacred pilgrimage sites.
Kyoto The Ancient Capital of Japan  To see more details on this photo click here 
Shot in Mexico City..
Shot of a mongolian villager.
Nachi Taisha one of the most holy sites in Japan's Kumano Modo pilgrimage
Tokyo Cybernetic Photography before it went commercial
Tokyos neon nights
Grab this exclusive photographed of a Mayan ceremony used as one of the front pages of one of Mexico's biggest newspapers El Heraldo de Mexico
Photographed of a Varanasi Baba.

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